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While your bank needs an appraisal to justify a loan on your property, what you need is completely different. If you are selling your property, what you really need is a Commercial Market Value Analysis, and we can help.

We have expertise in a wide range of commercial properties, including medical buildings, offices, warehouses, shopping centers, apartments and hotels.

Our expert, Robert Hand, is the only commercial property broker in the state with experience writing commercial property appraisals, plus an MBA and the two highest real estate designations: CCIM and SIOR.

Our analysis puts you in the buyer’s shoes, helping you see all the other properties a buyer would consider and how your property competes. We provide a deep analysis of how the property can best be utilized, because the price of commercial property has nothing to do with past sales, and everything to do with how feasible a business is that sits on your property. The higher the profit margin, the more a business can pay for your commercial property. Just give us a few pieces of information below and find out what your property is worth, for free!

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