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The 3rd quarter New Orleans/Metairie MSA commercial real estate market witnessed skyrocketing sale prices in shopping centers, steep declines in multi-family and slight increases in industrial, office and retail. The lease market was completely different, with declines in industrial prices and slight increases in retail and shopping centers with the office sector unchanged. Over the last 3 months, over 500,000 square feet has been added to the market for sale, valued at $100 million, and 600,000 square
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Chef Andrea Apuzzo He has prepared culinary dishes for Queen Elizabeth, Princess Ann, President Carter, Senator Ted Kennedy, Clint Eastwood, Omar Shariff, Sophia Loren, Senator Jack Kemp, Lee Meriwether and Tommy Lasorda. He is Chef Andrea Apuzzo, owner of Andrea’s restaurant and voted One of America‚Äôs Finest Restaurants & Outstanding Chefs by Chefs in America. But he is also a real estate investor. Recently Chef Andrea hired Louisiana Commercial Realty to manage leasing for his
Citybusiness magazine recently reached out to Louisiana Commercial Realty broker Robert Hand, to gain insight into a new type of upscale office development in the heart of once was one of the roughest neighborhoods in New Orleans. The high-tech, avant garde development, called “The Stables” transformed three small buildings that were historic horse carriage barns into state-of-the art office space for architects, realtors and interior designers. The development hopes to appeal to a new type
The commercial real estate market in the New Orleans/Metairie MSA has held steady throughout Covid, with prices increasing 5% in the industrial sector, 30% in the shopping center sector and unchanged in the office sector, and decreasing 6% in the retail sector. Over the last 6 months, over 1 million square feet has been taken off the market for lease and an additional 400,000 square feet is now for sale. This article examines the current
The latest unemployment numbers show, compared to one year ago, 32% of 389 city metropolitan areas actually had lower unemployment rates, meaning a higher percent of workers had jobs, leaving 65% with higher unemployment and 3% unchanged compared to 12 months ago. Louisiana Ranks Worst In Unemployment for Its Size The average unemployment rate was 4.5%, and 226 metropolitan cities had rates below average, 150 cities had rates above average and 13 cities equaled the