Why Businesses Leave New Orleans


New Orleanians always ask why we can’t get businesses to move here. The answer is that people are leaving. Businesses follow population and population comes first. If you want to revitalize New Orleans East, you need more people to move there. The Data Center backs up the population numbers with solid research in their publication: New Orleans Population Shifts.

People Have Been Leaving New Orleans Since 1980

New Orleans has over 100,000 fewer residents than in 2000 and remains at less than 80% of its pre-Katrina population. Jefferson Parish’s population is relatively stagnant, gaining 8,229 residents this past decade but remains just under 15,000 shy of its pre-Katrina total. St. Tammany Parish continues to boom, adding 30,830 residents this last decade after gaining 42,472 between 2000 and 2010.

With the elections coming up, we need a plan to grow New Orleans. It’s easy to do. We built an economy based on people coming to visit and enjoy our music and food and fun but we aren’t doing what is needed to get them to stay. We just need to do what other cities are doing to attract people and take positive action. If you look at Atlanta, Austin, Houston and Nashville, they are focusing on taxes, crime and education and the results are jobs.

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