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CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty On Trump Tax Plan
Commercial Realty On Trump Tax Plan

Robert Hand, November 6, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Helps Another Engineering Company Find A Home
"Third time's the charm" is the saying, used usually after the first two failures, but Louisiana Commercial Realty has been successful three times in a row at helping engineering companies find the perfect home for their growing company.

Robert Hand, November 4, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Teams With Assistant District Attorney To Fight Crime
Recently Louisiana Commercial Realty teamed with Orleans Parish Assistant District attorney Michael Danon to get one more criminal off the streets of New Orleans.

Robert Hand, October 28, 2017

CCIM Publishing Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty
CCIM, the Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute, recently interviewed Louisiana Commercial Realty for their publication on entrepreneurs in commercial estate.

Robert Hand, October 22, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Talks With University To Spur Innovaton
Louisiana Commercial Realty and its sister company Mississippi Commercial Realty recently talked with the University of Southern Mississippi to explore helping new medical research companies get a fast start with office space in the only Class A medi...

Robert Hand, October 16, 2017

Civil Court Judge Sides With Louisiana Commercial Realty
Civil District Court Judge Bruno listened to both attorneys then made some notes and concluded "I find Louisiana Commercial Realty testimony credible and find the defendant, James Ramsey, tried to conceal the sale of property from the listing agent.

Robert Hand, October 5, 2017

The Shocking Reason Why The Unemployment Rate Dropped But More People Are Out Of Work
A plunging Louisiana unemployment rate to 5.2 percent means good times are back, right? Not so fast.

Robert Hand, October 2, 2017

State of Georgia Talks To Louisiana Commercial About Office Leases
The state of Georgia is one of the most efficient managers of its 2,000 office leases, with only a staff of 10 people each managing a portfolio up to 300 properties including renewals and expansions, plus new lease transactions.

Robert Hand, September 22, 2017

So You Want To Build A Hotel In The New Orleans' French Quarter....Not So Fast!
The hotel and restaurant industries are the driving forces of the New Orleans non-government economy, employing over 75,000 people according to the latest numbers from GNO Inc. and Economic Modeling Specialists International.

Robert Hand, September 16, 2017

The 5 Things Every Real Estate Lease Should Have
Whether you rent office space, a warehouse, or a retail store, your lease probably has language that ties rent you pay to the Consumer Price Index.

Robert Hand, September 12, 2017

Now Do You Want To Know How To Read A Flood Map?
Katrina, Harvey and Irma Increase Flood Insurance Awareness Normally when people ask if an area floods they are talking about heavy rains causing water to pool in the streets until the city pumps can suck the water down the drains and into the Mis...

Robert Hand, September 11, 2017

Why Negotiating Is Like A Quick Tennis Match
  Buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate requires lots of different skills, including knowledge of financing, zoning, supply and demand, income statements, and demographics but the most valuable skill is good negotiating.

Robert Hand, September 3, 2017

Harvey Damage Estimates To Commercial Property Are In
In addition to the loss of life, jobs, savings, and disrupted families, the victims of Hurricane Harvey will have to deal with the loss of their property and the numbers are staggering.

Robert Hand, September 2, 2017

Flooded by Harvey? Irma? Here's What To Do Today & What Your First Day Cleaning Up Will Cost
FEMA is on the ground now visiting damage by Hurricane Harvey and processing claims with aid per house up to $33,000 but each home FEMA claim can be different.

Robert Hand, August 28, 2017

3 Common Mistakes In Every Lease
Whether you rent office space in Class A towers or a warehouse to store inventory or retail space for your coffee shop, your lease with the landlord probably has terms that are not good for you but that you agreed to anyway.

Robert Hand, August 27, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Hired To Market Premier Medical Center In Hattiesburg
Louisiana Commercial Realty and its sister company, Mississippi Commercial Realty, were hired recently to market the only Class A medical office center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, known as One Lincoln Parkway Medical Center.

Robert Hand, August 2, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Ranked Among Top Real Estate Companies In Gulf South
Louisiana Commercial Realty has been ranked among the top 100 commercial-only real estate brokers in the Gulf South area, including northwest Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, having been inducted into the Society of Industrial and Office...

Robert Hand, August 1, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Helps Kids Git To Skool
Sometimes we forget that behind the everyday tasks of waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and just getting to school or work are people making alarm clocks, clothes, frozen waffles and driving buses to help us along the way.

Robert Hand, July 27, 2017

So You Need A Place To Park 20 School Buses: Not So Fast
New Orleans contracts out all the transportation work including streetcars, city buses and public school buses to outside vendors, who are mostly from out of state, so carpetbaggers are always asking where can I find a lot to park my buses.

Robert Hand, May 26, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Hired To Market High Tech Class A Office Full Floor Space In CBD
  For decades prior to 2005's Hurricane Katrina, new businesses fled New Orleans in mass for greener pastures with more high-tech employees and payroll tax incentives, but after Katrina many residents launched their entrepreneurial spirit...

Robert Hand, May 25, 2017

Louisiana Commercial Realty Hired To Sell Largest Office Property Near Ochsner Baptist
After unsuccessful attempts by Latter & Blum, the largest commercial real estate firm in the south, to sell his property, the owner of the largest office property for sale near Ochsner Baptist Hospital decided to try a different approach and...

Robert Hand, March 27, 2017

8 Things To Immediately Do When Your Property Has Code Violations
With over 4,000 known blighted properties in New Orleans, and probably an additional 10,000 not yet declared blighted, city officials have recently discovered they can bring in new revenues from code violation fines.

Robert Hand, February 7, 2017

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty For The Scoop On New Orleans' Largest Apartment Development
Construction starts on $61M ‘Canal Crossing’ development downtown By: Andrew Valenti, Reporter, January 31, 2017 Construction has begun on a massive mixed-use development at the site of a former Canal Street surface parking lot led by a real ...

Robert Hand, January 31, 2017

Why Tariffs Take Money Out Of Your Pocket
At first glance, imposing tariffs or quotas appear to be the perfect solution to get American industries back on track to prosperity, but the reality is that tariffs steal money out of consumers’ pockets by causing prices to increase, stifle creati...

Robert Hand, December 17, 2016

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial on Tulane Avenue Development
The recent sale of 2537 Tulane Avenue for $5.

Robert Hand, October 12, 2016

The Real Reason Nobody Wanted To Build A Hotel On The New $800 Million New Orleans Airport North Terminal
The city's criteria for building a hotel on the New Orleans airport north terminal property will shock you. The hotel is part of the $800 million new terminal on the massive stretch of land on the north end near Veterans Boulevard.

Robert Hand, October 7, 2016

Times Picayune | Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty On Airport Hotel Development
The Times-Picayune first broke the story that no bidders stepped forward to lease 22,000 square feet of city land to build an 8-story, $17 million, 140 room hotel on the $807 million airport terminal development on the north side of the existing Lou...

Robert Hand, October 4, 2016

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty on Airport Hotel Development
The largest development in the history of Jefferson Parish, and the one having the biggest impact on the future of New Orleans, is the development of the $807 million dollar north terminal at Louis Armstrong Airport, which will include a 140 room...

Robert Hand, October 4, 2016

Lease 101-Why the CPI Adjustment Is The Most Important Language In A Lease Agreement
Whether you rent office space, a warehouse, or a retail store, your lease probably has language that ties rent you pay to the Consumer Price Index.

Robert Hand, September 12, 2016

The Shocking Truth Why Blighted Houses Still Exist In New Orleans 11 Years After Katrina
The City Has A Process That Fosters Blighted Property It's not a conspiracy, but the result is the same: New Orleans still has thousands of blighted houses.

Robert Hand, September 11, 2016