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So You Want To Make $50,000 Putting A Billboard On Your Property…Not So Fast.

One Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri Putting a billboard on your commercial property might be the easiest $50,000 you ever made, but, first, don’t let the billboard laws surprise you. Billboards located near a highway are highly regulated and competition is cutthroat among advertising companies because billboards are still a growing advertising medium, even with the decline… Continue Reading

code violations can be managed

Louisiana Commercial Realty Publishes Another Article For Top Commercial Real Estate Organization SIOR

Louisiana Commercial Realty has authored more real estate articles than any broker in the state, published by the top commercial real estate and financial organizations, including CCIM, SIOR, Chief Executive Officer, and Personal Financial Planning who distribute articles to thousands of their members. This week, Louisiana Commercial Realty published another article, “8 Things To Do When You Get… Continue Reading

Office Market For Lease In New Orleans-2014 to 2018

Office Space For Lease Market Defies Law of Economics

by Robert Hand, MBA, CCIM, SIOR In business school we are taught when the supply of any good or service increases, it will cause prices to fall, but even if you haven’t studied economics you know when there is more of something, prices eventually drop. This is a basic law of economics, introduced in 1691 by philosopher John… Continue Reading

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Office Lease Rate Trend vs. Sale Prices In New Orleans and Metairie

  Prices for sales of office property have increased almost 20 percent per year the last few years while the office lease rate trend has stagnated, according to the latest research from the commercial property database Catylist. That’s good news for new companies looking to get started with an address and lease office space and… Continue Reading

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty On Trump Tax Plan

The New Orleans area has seen a wave of investment activity from outside and local developers to restore and put historic, underused and dilapidated properties back into commerce. But a proposed tax reform package from the Trump administration could put future projects in jeopardy. The tax plan doesn’t include the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit… Continue Reading

4001 Division

Louisiana Commercial Realty Helps Another Engineering Company Find A Home

“Third time’s the charm” is the saying, used usually after the first two failures, but Louisiana Commercial Realty has been successful three times in a row at helping engineering companies find the perfect home for their growing company. Recently, Infinity Engineering, a highly successful and growing expert in marine construction with projects including a $25 million… Continue Reading


CCIM Publishing Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty

CCIM, the Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute, recently interviewed Louisiana Commercial Realty for their publication on entrepreneurs in commercial estate. Founded over 50 years ago, the CCIM Institute is commercial real estate’s most influential professional organization, with members closing $200 billion annually in commercial real estate deals. The CCIM designation represents the highest achievement in commercial… Continue Reading

University of Southern Mississippi

Louisiana Commercial Realty Talks With University To Spur Innovaton

Louisiana Commercial Realty and its sister company Mississippi Commercial Realty recently talked with the University of Southern Mississippi to explore helping new medical research companies get a fast start with office space in the only Class A medical office building available in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area. Mississippi Commercial Realty is exclusive leasing agent for the One… Continue Reading

New Orleans District Attorney

Civil Court Judge Sides With Louisiana Commercial Realty

Civil District Court Judge Bruno listened to both attorneys then made some notes and concluded “I find Louisiana Commercial Realty testimony credible and find the defendant, James Ramsey, tried to conceal the sale of property from the listing agent.” The controversy occurred after seller Ramsey hired the listing agent but then secretly sold the 10 acre property on Read… Continue Reading

lease problems

State of Georgia Talks To Louisiana Commercial About Office Leases

The state of Georgia is one of the most efficient managers of its 2,000 office leases, with only a staff of 10 people each managing a portfolio up to 300 properties including renewals and expansions, plus new lease transactions. Solutions To The Challenges of Managing Thousands Of Leases  Today, Louisiana Commercial Realty met with the State Properties Commission to… Continue Reading

mandatory lease items

The 5 Things Every Real Estate Lease Should Have

Whether you rent office space, a warehouse, or a retail store, your lease probably has language that ties rent you pay to the Consumer Price Index. The idea is meant to benefit only the landlord, because the rental income retains its purchasing power. The problem is that there is more than one Consumer Price Index and there are different… Continue Reading

FEMA Flood Maps

Now Do You Want To Know How To Read A Flood Map?

Katrina, Harvey and Irma Increase Flood Insurance Awareness Normally when people ask if an area floods they are talking about heavy rains causing water to pool in the streets until the city pumps can suck the water down the drains and into the Mississippi River, but since Hurricane Katrina caused the levees to fail and… Continue Reading

volley negotiations are like tennis

Why Negotiating Is Like A Quick Tennis Match

  Buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate requires lots of different skills, including knowledge of financing, zoning, supply and demand, income statements, and demographics but the most valuable skill is good negotiating. What makes a good negotiator? It is helping all parties involved, who bring to the table different and opposing objectives, agree on the… Continue Reading


Harvey Damage Estimates To Commercial Property Are In

In addition to the loss of life, jobs, savings, and disrupted families, the victims of Hurricane Harvey will have to deal with the loss of their property and the numbers are staggering. Satellite maps from Reuters show 30,000 properties flooded valued at 23 billion, with 26 percent land only but 74 percent are homes and… Continue Reading

cpi since 1913

3 Common Mistakes In Every Lease

Whether you rent office space in Class A towers or a warehouse to store inventory or retail space for your coffee shop, your lease with the landlord probably has terms that are not good for you but that you agreed to anyway. Just make sure your lease renewal doesn’t have the three most common mistakes. Even small mistakes… Continue Reading

Louisiana Commercial Realty Ranked Among Top Real Estate Companies In Gulf South

Louisiana Commercial Realty has been ranked among the top 100 commercial-only real estate brokers in the Gulf South area, including northwest Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, having been inducted into the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, which is an invitation-only international organization of the top ranked commercial real estate brokers in 630 cities and 34… Continue Reading

skool bus

Louisiana Commercial Realty Helps Kids Git To Skool

Sometimes we forget that behind the everyday tasks of waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and just getting to school or work are people making alarm clocks, clothes, frozen waffles and driving buses to help us along the way. In higher level economics courses, it is called the “Multiplier Effect“, where a change in input, or… Continue Reading

So You Need A Place To Park 20 School Buses: Not So Fast

New Orleans contracts out all the transportation work including streetcars, city buses and public school buses to outside vendors, who are mostly from out of state, so carpetbaggers are always asking where can I find a lot to park my buses. Not so fast. Any old vacant lot just won’t do. Residential zoning won’t work. What… Continue Reading

8 Things To Immediately Do When Your Property Has Code Violations

With over 4,000 known blighted properties in New Orleans, and probably an additional 10,000 not yet declared blighted, city officials have recently discovered they can bring in new revenues from code violation fines. One commercial property at 1532 Robert E. Lee Boulevard was assessed $100,000 in fines, which were paid in order for Ochsner to have a clinic… Continue Reading

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty For The Scoop On New Orleans’ Largest Apartment Development

Construction starts on $61M ‘Canal Crossing’ development downtown By: Andrew Valenti, Reporter, January 31, 2017 Construction has begun on a massive mixed-use development at the site of a former Canal Street surface parking lot led by a real estate development partnership with ties to Missouri billionaire sports mogul Stan Kroenke. According to plans filed with… Continue Reading

Why Tariffs Take Money Out Of Your Pocket

At first glance, imposing tariffs or quotas appear to be the perfect solution to get American industries back on track to prosperity, but the reality is that tariffs steal money out of consumers’ pockets by causing prices to increase, stifle creativity, reward inefficiencies and destroy the competitive drive that allows a free market economy to… Continue Reading

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial on Tulane Avenue Development

The recent sale of 2537 Tulane Avenue for $5.6 million set a record highest price for property closest to the new $2 billion hospital development, so Citybusiness reached out to Louisiana Commercial Realty broker Robert Hand to discuss the trend on Tulane Avenue apartments and hotels: Commercial broker Robert Hand, president of Louisiana Commercial Realty,… Continue Reading

CityBusiness Interviews Louisiana Commercial Realty on Airport Hotel Development

The largest development in the history of Jefferson Parish, and the one having the biggest impact on the future of New Orleans, is the development of the $807 million dollar north terminal at Louis Armstrong Airport, which will include a 140 room hotel on land leased from the city. CityBusiness recently interviewed Robert Hand, president at Louisiana Commercial Realty on… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Fooled By Commercial Real Estate Prices

Pricing commercial real estate is vastly different from other assets, such as stocks and bonds where thousands of buyers and sellers state openly their best price and recent transactions are known by all. In fact, commercial real estate pricing is far from a highly competitive industry which must have transparency and all participants have easy access… Continue Reading

The Hidden Penalty On All Who Love New Orleans

New Orleans once was one of the largest cities in America- for over 140 years. Today it is an exciting place to live with an intoxicating culture steeped in its 300 year old history, but for those who have lived here long enough to see their children go from the “Trinity Pink Party” to LSU… Continue Reading

cap rate table

How To Value New Orleans Commercial Real Estate Using Cap Rate

Money is made in commercial real estate by having the vision to create value where none before existing. Since prices are not transparent like stocks quoted at the bottom of your big screen TV, the person who accurately determines value is the one who comes out ahead. Smart commercial real estate investors use a tool… Continue Reading

How Much Space Does Parking Steal From Your Real Estate

You need parking for 75 people, but how do you convert this into useful information, such as square footage of land? A good rule of thumb is to allow just as much square footage for parking as you estimate you will need to allow for any building, whether it is office, or retail, or apartments.… Continue Reading

Parking Requirements For New Orleans Commercial Real Estate

When you purchase commercial real estate, one of the top 5 things you need to know on day one should be the parking requirement. Parking requirements are established by the Department of Planning in the Parish where the property is located. If the property is located in an incorporated city such as Kenner, they will have… Continue Reading

New Orleans Commercial Real Estate Zoning For Dummies

In this article we examine the permitted uses in various zoning districts for New Orleans commercial real estate including Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Zoning uses and density can determine feasibility, so gathering this information is imperative before you make an offer. New Orleans commercial real estate development  is not a feat undertaken by the weak.… Continue Reading

The Insanity of Real Estate Inspection Renegotiation

It’s really smart to bring in experts when facing major decisions and a purchase of high value real estate is no exception; however, there is a widespread trend, while not illegal, that many real estate professionals consider unethical: the inspection renegotiation.  Stop The Insanity! Somewhere between Suzanne Somers’ Thigh Master and PX-90, Crossfit and Pilates, there was Stop The… Continue Reading

Will Louisiana’s Economy Decline Due To Oil’s Decline

Louisiana is second in the nation in refinery capacity and has 112,000 miles of pipeline carrying crude oil and natural gas, so will the collapse in the price of oil also cause a collapse in Louisiana’s economy? Uncle Jed Missed The Rabbit and Hit Oil Only Once In the early days of Merrill Lynch, a new… Continue Reading

Are Movies Really An Economic Driver For Louisiana?

Louisiana first encouraged the movie industry to come here in 2002, when the legislature passed the Motion Picture Tax Credit Program, but it didn’t catch on until we beefed it up in 2005, and this year the incentives are producing spectacular results.  In the 63 years before the incentives were created, 52 movies were made, including… Continue Reading

Is 2 Years A Long Time To Lease Vacant Space?

You might think taking 2 years to lease vacant office space is an outlier, an anomaly, or that something’s just wrong: like a building sitting on an earthquake fault; however, it’s just par for course for downtown New Orleans’ finest office towers where 78% of full floor offices have sat vacant for over one year, and… Continue Reading

How To Value Commercial Real Estate Using Cash Flow and Present Value

The most popular method of appraising commercial real estate is not the most accurate. Usually we compare past sales of property and apply the price per square foot, but this is valid only if all the properties are homogeneous, which is never the situation. Let’s examine three methods of valuing commercial real estate. Sales Approach… Continue Reading

The Best Month To Sell Your Home For The Highest Price Is…

The common belief that homes prices rise during the summer months because everyone wants to be settled in before school starts is true. The facts show us that the highest prices concentrate around the month of June. Examining The Trend of 10,323 Homes Sold Over The Last 5 Years Using the Multi List Service from the Realtor database, home… Continue Reading

Supply of Office Space For Sale Plummets

Over the last 4 years, available office space for sale in the New Orleans area has plummeted to one third of its previous supply, due to a lack of new office space construction. The result is a strengthening of sale prices in the office market. This article examines the supply and demand of office space and… Continue Reading

Three Big Mistakes In Pricing Commercial Real Estate

Valuing New Orleans commercial real estate accurately can be difficult at times, but using basic financial principles can help you calculate the market price with a higher level of confidence. Just remember that the price of any object is the equilibrium of supply and demand, but commercial real estate supply and demand can depend on emotional as well as logical… Continue Reading

Can Government Regulate Ethics & What Is The Law Regarding Emails

Last Wednesday, President Obama was the lead story on many television stations, proposing a new plan to eliminate “conflicts of interest” that investment advisors have with their clients. This begs the question: Can government regulate ethical behavior? This article explores how ethical behavior is incentivized, either on purpose or by neglect, even down to how the… Continue Reading

Amazing Technology To Help Businesses Select Successful New Locations

Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the last few years by expanding the traditional tool of demographic research into an analysis of lifestyles and consumer spending behavior. The old-school strategy was to look at population count, income, and age to determine a good location for a business. But new-school tools such as leakage… Continue Reading

Louisiana Commercial Realty Hired To Market GTE Financial Tract

Louisiana Commercial Realty announced today they were hired to market the 69,000 square foot tract of land at 5550 Crowder Boulevard for GTE Financial. Robert Hand, president of Louisiana Commercial Realty said, ” This tract of land is a great opportunity to bring retail businesses to an underserved market. Our research shows within a 5… Continue Reading

Which Industry Drives Louisiana’s Economy: Oil or Tourism?

If you want to see Louisiana grow, which jobs would you prefer to bring in: oil or tourism? One of these two top industries delivers twice as many jobs but has one-third of the wages. This article examines jobs and wages, defining what is called Export Jobs which in the long run determine our economic future. Mardi… Continue Reading

Visualizing Risk In Making Decisions

You can run the numbers to calculate gains or losses from various scenarios, but there is nothing like a visual depiction of risk/reward tradeoffs. The hard part is transitioning numbers to something you can see that displays probability and the risk involved with adopting various strategies that may or may not result in a gain. This article… Continue Reading

Office Market Prices In Louisiana’s Major Cities

Even though Louisiana has a diverse culture and varying economic drivers among its major cities, the range of prices of office space will surprise you. For the most part, office lease prices vary by roughly 20%, from a low of $15.03 in Lake Charles to a high of $19.19 in Harahan, with Shreveport/Bossier city being an… Continue Reading

Jethro Bodine Ciphers New Orleans Class A Office Rates

Whenever Beverly Hillbillies star Jethro Bodine needed to do math, he would commence to ciphering by the cement pond, proving that math can be simple if you have enough fingers and toes. Commercial real estate is sometimes that way but sometimes not. Fortunately, when we need to do some math to answer the simple question, “What… Continue Reading

13,439 Louisiana Real Estate Agents-Who, What & Where They Are

There are 13,439 active Louisiana real estate agents, but the city with the most and the company with the most will surprise you. The location of real estate agents does not match up identically with the location of the home buying public. For example, New Orleans has the most licensed agents but does not have the highest population… Continue Reading

The Drivers of the New Orleans’ Economy Will Shock You

The recent census found 1.2 million people live in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, down only 7% from the 1.3 million in 2000, but the makeup of who lives here and the driving forces of the economy will shock you. What Jobs Drive The Economy? Government, hotels / restaurants and hospitals are where the jobs are… Continue Reading

The Wildebeest Must Die For The Lion To Live

Wildebeests are 4 1/2 feet tall,  weigh over 500 pounds and run 50 miles an hour, but some must die so that the lion can live. The battle for survival is often shown on television, depicting the lion stalking the wildebeest herd, selecting and culling the candidate, creeping in the tall grass and launching like a… Continue Reading

5 Things You Need To Know About Pricing Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate

Pricing Multi-Family commercial real estate in Louisiana is often difficult because the sector includes a wide range of types, from 100 year old plantation housing called shotgun doubles to low-rise garden style to high rise complexes. Each property type contains its own revenue supply and demand line and expense percentage, producing a variety of net operating incomes which affect… Continue Reading

Lower Unemployment Rate Not An Accurate Indicator

Nationwide, the jobs picture wouldn’t look as good if it weren’t for the energy industry. Take out the 1.1 million jobs created in Texas, the state that has led in job creation, and the country would be 350,000 below the 2008 peak, according to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The U.S. economy… Continue Reading

What Does Metairie Office Space Lease For?

Your commercial property is not worth the appraisal it was written on. That’s because an appraisal looks at past prices and your property is worth what a qualified and motivated buyer will pay today, depending on his use of the property. It has little to do with past purchases and uses. That’s why a vacant hotel on… Continue Reading

Do You Know The 14 Incentives Leading New Businesses To New Orleans

New Orleans is growing due to superior incentives offered to businesses to relocate here. For example, there is a 25% tax credit for digital media expenditures. That is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. There is a 50% bonus depreciation and tax exempt financing at a 2% interest rate. There is a tax credit for live performances up… Continue Reading

What You Don’t Know About the $2 Billion Tulane Avenue Hospitals

The largest new hospital development in the United States is the New Orleans 70 acre $2 billion combination of a new Veterans Administration hospital and, just on the other side of South Galvez Street, the new University Medical Center that will replace Charity Hospital which was rendered obsolete by Hurricane Katrina and time. University Medical Center… Continue Reading

Using Technology To Make Better Commercial Real Estate Decisions

Technology has taken a giant leap forward the last few years by expanding the traditional tool of demographic research into an analysis of lifestyles and consumer spending behavior. The old school strategy was to look at population count and income and age to determine a good location for a business, but new school tools such… Continue Reading

There Will Be No Medical Office Buildings Constructed On Tulane Avenue

Even though there is much anticipation of spin-off commercial real estate development surrounding the new Veterans Administration and LSU hospitals on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans, there will be no doctor’s clinics constructed, no medical offices and no lab testing facilities built to replace the vacant lots and blighted structures. This article details the hospital… Continue Reading

Office Market Trend In New Orleans

The supply of office properties for lease in Orleans Parish has grown over 8.85% annually the last three years, with 1.9 million square feet in 286 properties averaging a lease of four properties per month at $15.62 per square foot. But that doesn’t tell the whole story about the trend of the office market in Orleans… Continue Reading

New Orleans Commercial Real Estate-The History of 426 Canal Street

Since New Orleans is almost 300 years old, there is plenty of history behind almost every commercial real estate property, and 426 Canal Street is a prime example with a fascinating history that even locals refer to it by name rather than the address. This property has been known by three names: the Friedricks Building in the late 1800’s, and the Sanlin Building,… Continue Reading

Building Class Definitions For New Orleans Commercial Real Estate

New Orleans is almost 300 years old, so classifying and describing commercial real estate can be tricky. That’s because New Orleans has 100 year old buildings that look better on the inside than brand spanking new construction. To help with the confusion, many commercial real estate specialists use the building classes defined by the Building Owners… Continue Reading

Determining Feasibility of Commercial Real Estate Development

With 30 year Treasury Bonds yielding 3.79 percent, many investors as well as institutions are considering investing in commercial real estate. How do you know whether the market is right to invest or not? This article presents a strategy for analyzing whether or not it is feasible to develop commercial office property. Feasibility Rent The first… Continue Reading