14 Business Incentives Louisiana Offers

Louisiana will be exploding with growth over the next 5 years, considering the 14 major incentives offered for businesses.  We need to get the word out, and here are the 14 incentives and a summary of benefits all in one list.

For example, there is a 25% tax credit that can be sold for digital media expenditures. That is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. There is a 50% bonus depreciation and tax exempt financing at a 2% interest rate. There is a tax credit for live performances up to 25% of expenditures. There is a tax credit of 30% which can also be sold on movie expenditures. There is a 39% federal plus a 25% state New Market Tax Credit for development in low income areas.There is a 25% tax credit for Sound Recording expenditures. See the list for more…

14 Major Business Incentives Louisiana Offers – Download (pdf)

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